The Tuesday Night Marathon

The Mechanics' Tuesday Night Marathon (TNM) has a rich tradition that dates back at least 30 years. The idea of playing serious chess one night a week has appealed to a broad range of players from Senior Master to beginner, who find the time commitment fits their schedule quite comfortably. Today we think of eight rounds as the normal duration for a TNM, but that has not always been the case. In 1975 they played 12 rounds per tournament. Recently the Marathon switched to having sudden death for the second time control. It was probably the last tournament in the world to still feature adjourned games, the rest of the chess community having given up the practice years ago due to the rise in playing strength of computers. The Mechanics' Institute still has several hundred adjourned move envelopes, which will no doubt become collector's items.

The TNM not only provides strong competition for players ranging in strength from Master to beginner, it's also very affordable with an entry fee of $50 for eight/nine USCF rated games. The Marathon is a perfect fit for those who can't commit an entire weekend to chess. No matter what your strength, the Tuesday Night Marathon might be the right tournament for you!

— IM John Donaldson, Mechanics' Institute Chess Room Director and TNM TD

Fall 2015 Tuesday Night Marathon

October 20 – December 15

#NameRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Rd 6Tot
1Josiah P Stearman21372194H---W43W37W12W25W15 5.5
2James Ma Critelli23762374W60W30W27W7D4D3 5.0
3Natalya Tsodikova21642198H---W70W31W29W5D2 5.0
4Igor Vladim Traub20962135W62W40W20W9D2H--- 5.0
5Aniruddha Basak21672166H---W99W57W16L3W34 4.5
6Michael S Walder21132108W61L23W47W55D18W27 4.5
7Hongkai Pan20912097W45W39W23L2D20W32 4.5
8Ashik Uzzaman20572056W72D93W58W101H---H--- 4.5
9Eric Alan Steger20142048W76W47W55L4D10W25 4.5
10Elliott C Winslow23252302W41L20W49W38D9D23 4.0
11Russell Wong22002185H---H---L68W49W36W38 4.0
12Keith Vickers22002184W71D22W19L1W58D20 4.0
13Joseph J Tracy21962180D31W50W21D14L15W39 4.0
14Ivan Ke21122110W34W56D29D13D23H--- 4.0
15Bill Ortega20772088H---H---W62W39W13L1 4.0
16Hovik Manvelyan20262008W75D49D33L5W62W40 4.0
17David Klinetobe20002001H---W63L25W69W33H--- 4.0
18Michael Anderson19861974L68W72W76W61D6H--- 4.0
19Kristian Clemens19321940H---W64L12W42H---W41 4.0
20Thomas F Maser19231978W77W10L4W45D7D12 4.0
21Steven Krasnov19211933W95D25L13W70H---W46 4.0
22Greg M Sarafian19131927W78D12H---H---H---W48 4.0
23Robert W Drane19091960W79W6L7W50D14D10 4.0
24Joel Marcus19041935H---W73H---H---W29H--- 4.0
25Uyanga Byambaa22042180W32D21W17B---L1L9 3.5
26Michael Chr Askin20972056W35L55L45W76D61W57 3.5
27Steven Gaffagan20662050W46W65L2D33W57L6 3.5
28Felix Rudyak20101971L65H---L44B---W50W58 3.5
29Gil Alvarez20031991W66W68D14L3L24W60 3.5
30Peter G Grey20001971W67L2W48D34L32B--- 3.5
31Craig Andries18631864D13W74L3D44D35W61 3.5
32Nicholas R Lourme16681758L25H---W78W37W30L7 3.5
33Micah Kamuel Koga16301736W48H---D16D27L17W56 3.5
34James Paquette16201652L14W96W82D30W65L5 3.5
35Kevin W Kuczek16111634L26L80W95W67D31W55 3.5
36German Bertot16011613L47W100W83H---L11W53 3.5
37Richard H Newey18551825H---W88L1L32D73W69 3.0
38Gene Gerwin18221824W96L52W87L10W45L11 3.0
39Gagik Babayan17811780W81L7W67L15W74L13 3.0
40Leonid Alzhin17631762W82L4H---H---W47L16 3.0
41Venkatagiri Acharya16861671L10L76W81W87W68L19 3.0
42Julian Standen16741678H---H---H---L19D43W74 3.0
43Charles Dupree16541660H---L1H---W77D42H--- 3.0
44Peter Sherwood16331650L52D78W28D31L48W76 3.0
45Danny Kt Quang15961639L7W84W26L20L38W80 3.0
46Jerry Dugl Morgan15881571L27L82W96W88W71L21 3.0
47Isaiah Taeshi Kim15501601W36L9L6W80L40W71 3.0
48Albert Mart Starr15001565L33W97L30W59W44L22 3.0
49Enkhjin Gomboluudev14161574W53D16L10L11W70H--- 3.0
50Shiva Bhattacharjee13551521W59L13W71L23L28W73 3.0
51Amir Sadeghiunr.1872H---H---H---D56U---W72 3.0
52Bryon Doyle21642168W44W38H---U---U---U--- 2.5
53David Benja Askin19741915L49H---W63L58W64L36 2.5
54Sam Sloan19721973H---H---H---U---U---W82 2.5
55Cailen J Melville18161808W80W26L9L6H---L35 2.5
56Will Fred Delaney18001772W100L14D65D51H---L33 2.5
57Willie Campers Jr17601754H---W89L5W65L27L26 2.5
58Andrew To Handler17301741W83H---L8W53L12L28 2.5
59Rafik Robeal17241665L50W75L69L48W72H--- 2.5
60Richard Hack16701642L2L67D66W75W90L29 2.5
61David Rakonitz16281637L6W95W80L18D26L31 2.5
62Nick Casares Jr16001601L4W81L15W68L16D67 2.5
63Daniel McKellar15961585H---L17L53D66W95D68 2.5
64Brendan Macintyre15751565H---L19L70W84L53W88 2.5
65Asher Dan Eastham14621546W28L27D56L57L34W86 2.5
66Ethan Vaugh Boldi14581465L29L71D60D63W96H--- 2.5
67Nicholas M Brown14511474L30W60L39L35W83D62 2.5
68David A Smith14491549W18L29W11L62L41D63 2.5
69J Sachs-Weintraub13211420D98H---W59L17H---L37 2.5
70Daniel S Lagrotta16691650H---L3W64L21L49H--- 2.0
71Craig Yamamoto16561599L12W66L50X94L46L47 2.0
72Jossy Chalissery15861571L8L18W100W79L59L51 2.0
73Shu Yamamoto15711556H---L24H---H---D37L50 2.0
74Tom Carter Allen15601534H---L31W89H---L39L42 2.0
75Jerry Simpkins15471504L16L59D84L60W89D78 2.0
76Guy R Robertson14861516L9W41L18L26W79L44 2.0
77Michael Hilliard14041392L20H---H---L43H---D84 2.0
78Gan Mathrubootham13461371L22D44L32H---H---D75 2.0
79Robert H Frank13391340L23H---H---L72L76W95 2.0
80Jacky T Tan11121239L55W35L61L47W87L45 2.0
81Enkhj Erdenebileg814813L39L62L41B---H---H--- 2.0
82Sammy Greene677781L40W46L34H---H---L54 2.0
83Tergelsar Enkh668740L58W90L36L97L67W100 2.0
84Songtham Tungkitkancharoenunr.1347L92L45D75L64W100D77 2.0
85William Waddell18561858H---W94U---U---U---U--- 1.5
86Kyle Ga Donaldson14861465H---H---H---U---U---L65 1.5
87Charles James14641416H---H---L38L41L80H--- 1.5
88Wassim J Nassif12171204H---L37H---L46H---L64 1.5
89Jonatha Baterdene629630H---L57L74L95L75W90 1.5
90Keith A Henriques140133H---L83H---H---L60L89 1.5
91William Donaldson24102411U---U---U---U---W97U--- 1.0
92John C Ebert17561759W84U---U---U---U---U--- 1.0
93Na Chea16131636H---D8U---U---U---U--- 1.0
94Shant Tokatyan14131410H---L85H---F71U---U--- 1.0
95David R Olson14001352L21L61L35W89L63L79 1.0
96Erkhe Erdenebileg11251108L38L34L46D100L66H--- 1.0
97Micah Si Stearman10771079U---L48U---W83L91U--- 1.0
98Igor Royzen18931879D69U---U---U---U---U--- 0.5
99Samuel Agdamag14471446H---L5U---U---U---U--- 0.5
100Renate Otterbach11011049L56L36L72D96L84L83 0.5
101David Flores Gomez18361829U---U---U---L8U---U--- 0.0