The Tuesday Night Marathon

The Mechanics' Tuesday Night Marathon has a rich tradition that dates back at least 30 years. The idea of playing serious chess one night a week has appealed to a broad range of players from Senior Master to beginner, who find the time commitment fits their schedule quite comfortably. Today we think of eight rounds as the normal duration for a TNM, but that has not always been the case. In 1975 they played 12 rounds per tournament. Recently the Marathon switched to having sudden death for the second time control. It was probably the last tournament in the world to still feature adjourned games, the rest of the chess community having given up the practice years ago due to the rise in playing strength of computers. The Mechanics' still has several hundred adjourned move envelopes, which will no doubt become collector's items.

The TNM not only provides strong competition for players ranging in strength from Master to beginner, it's also very affordable with an entry fee of $50 for eight/nine USCF rated games. The Marathon is a perfect fit for those who can't commit an entire weekend to chess. No matter what your strength, the Tuesday Night Marathon might be the right tournament for you!

IM John Donaldson
MI Chess Room Director and TNM TD

Spring Tuesday Night Marathon
March 18th - May 6th

#NameRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4Rd 5Tot
1Elliott Winslow22502269W33W25W12W4W9 5.0
2Andy Lee23202327W66W21D6W17W10 4.5
3Steven Gaffagan20892103D55W39W19W18W17 4.5
4Uyanga Byambaa21362137W54W29X44L1W22 4.0
5Bryon Doyle20642071W67W30L9W26W24 4.0
6Hans Niemann20542067W68W74D2W15H--- 4.0
7Hovik Manvelyan20302035W59W32L10W28W25 4.0
8David Flores17321778H---W60W13H---W19 4.0
9Hayk Manvelyan23542345W49W20W5D10L1 3.5
10Natalya Tsodikova22262228W50W26W7D9L2 3.5
11Romulo Fuentes22252220H---H---W47D16W36 3.5
12William Gray20342036W69W47L1W27H--- 3.5
13Steven Krasnov20071991D70W53L8W40W38 3.5
14Sergey Ostrovsky19831981W81W57L17W29D16 3.5
15Ozgur Sahin19131910D38W58W31L6W37 3.5
16Eitetsu Potharum18001825H---W34W38D11D14 3.5
17Frank Thornally22002191W51W28W14L2L3 3.0
18Peter Grey20001983D34W55W37L3D31 3.0
19Victor Todortsev19511937W61W63L3W30L8 3.0
20Michael Askin19031897W76L9H---D55W49 3.0
21Payam Afkham-Ebrahimi18971892W42L2D46W52H--- 3.0
22Jason Ochoa18801881H---H---W66W42L4 3.0
23Bayaraa Bekhtur18781866H---L56H---W67W46 3.0
24Renjish Abraham18671868H---W70H---W32L5 3.0
25Peter Sherwood18081809W72L1W54W53L7 3.0
26Zolboo Lkhagvasuren18021805W73L10W41L5W47 3.0
27Robert Drane18001802H---H---W67L12W50 3.0
28Ranen Lardent17981799W43L17W57L7W54 3.0
29Sos Hakobyan17871786W77L4W59L14W48 3.0
30Jossy Chalissey17231722W64L5W62L19W55 3.0
31Scott Poling16591666H---W83L15W43D18 3.0
32David Eytan16371640W41L7W64L24W63 3.0
33Jerry Morgan15681604L1D65W60W35H--- 3.0
34Robert Reyes13831482D18L16H---W66W45 3.0
35Richard Newey18071764L63D61W58L33W70 2.5
36Chinguun Bayaraa17751772H---W75H---D46L11 2.5
37Erasmo Vazquez16831674H---W79L18B---L15 2.5
38Willie Campers16631665D15W82L16W71L13 2.5
39James Cohee16381629H---L3D70W57D42 2.5
40German Bertot16311619H---B---L49L13W71 2.5
41Ganhuyag Regzedmaa14831482L32W73L26W76H--- 2.5
42Enkhjin Gomboluudev12651385L21W50W45L22D39 2.5
43Bryan Hood10951206L28W51H---L31W68 2.5
44Richard Dorn19401941W62W71F4U---U--- 2.0
45Brendan Macintire16881633L57W76L42W69L34 2.0
46Julian Standen16371645H---H---D21D36L23 2.0
47Nick Casares16081607W80L12L11W59L26 2.0
48Bryan Quick15981591H---H---H---H---L29 2.0
49Siddarth Chandrasekaran15961606L9H---W40H---L20 2.0
50Jerry Simpkins15511531L10L42W82W61L27 2.0
51Jon Furukawa15331506L17L43W72D70H--- 2.0
52Craig Yamamoto15001491H---H---D75L21D58 2.0
53Tom Allen14961489H---L13W81L25D60 2.0
54Charles James14891494L4W72L25W62L28 2.0
55Adam Vichik14821503D3L18W79D20L30 2.0
56Na Chea14811510H---W23H---U---U--- 2.0
57Ivan Rothman14661482W45L14L28L39W76 2.0
58Andrew Cheng14211420H---L15L35W64D52 2.0
59David Olson14151405L7W78L29L47X79 2.0
60Togtokh Oyuntseren13721376H---L8L33W73D53 2.0
61David Matthew West13331343L19D35H---L50W78 2.0
62James Paquette13311341L44W84L30L54W75 2.0
63Sebastian Poler12031238W35L19H---H---L32 2.0
64Jamyandagva Zulkhuu787939L30W69L32L58W80 2.0
65John Elbert17661761H---D33H---U---U--- 1.5
66Richard Hack15941574L2W80L22L34H--- 1.5
67Henry Louie14751469L5W77L27L23H--- 1.5
68Tony Cole14441417L6H---X83U---L43 1.5
69Robert Frank14381391L12L64W77L45D72 1.5
70Daniel McKellar14151438D13L24D39D51L35 1.5
71Michael Hilliard14001385W84L44H---L38L40 1.5
72Sid Gandhi12031210L25L54L51W77D69 1.5
73Max Schlosberg11801183L26L41H---L60W81 1.5
74Callaghan McCarty-Snead17721769W78L6U---U---U--- 1.0
75Cory Voorhees14761450H---L36D52U---L62 1.0
76Tyrone Poblete12931275L20L45W78L41L57 1.0
77Renate Otterbach10561037L29L67L69L72W82 1.0
78Jackie Cowgill10401019L74L59L76B---L61 1.0
79Bryan Locke915913H---L37L55H---F59 1.0
80Mark Schlosberg12891245L47L66H---U---L64 0.5
81Stephen Toziopolous12151186L14H---L53U---L73 0.5
82Barbara Kadri612607H---L38L50U---L77 0.5
83Ilya Kamensunr.750H---L31F68U---U--- 0.5
84Fianna McCarty-Snead569568L71L62U---U---U--- 0.0