The Tuesday Night Marathon

The Mechanics' Tuesday Night Marathon has a rich tradition that dates back at least 30 years. The idea of playing serious chess one night a week has appealed to a broad range of players from Senior Master to beginner, who find the time commitment fits their schedule quite comfortably. Today we think of eight rounds as the normal duration for a TNM, but that has not always been the case. In 1975 they played 12 rounds per tournament. Recently the Marathon switched to having sudden death for the second time control. It was probably the last tournament in the world to still feature adjourned games, the rest of the chess community having given up the practice years ago due to the rise in playing strength of computers. The Mechanics' still has several hundred adjourned move envelopes, which will no doubt become collector's items.

The TNM not only provides strong competition for players ranging in strength from Master to beginner, it's also very affordable with an entry fee of $50 for eight/nine USCF rated games. The Marathon is a perfect fit for those who can't commit an entire weekend to chess. No matter what your strength, the Tuesday Night Marathon might be the right tournament for you!

IM John Donaldson
MI Chess Room Director and TNM TD

Fall 2014 Tuesday Night Marathon
October 21st – December 16th

#NameRtngPostRd 1Tot
1Elliott Winslow22622263W57 1.0
2Tenzing Shaw22462246X58 1.0
3Uyanga Byambaa22052206W59 1.0
4Frank Thornally22002201W60 1.0
5Keith Vickers22002201W61 1.0
6Josiah Stearman21852186W62 1.0
7Pranav Nagarajan21722173W63 1.0
8Natalya Tsodikova21622163W64 1.0
9Demetrius Goins21592160W65 1.0
10Hans Niemann21352136W66 1.0
11Michael Walder21302131W67 1.0
12Steven Gaffagan21292130W68 1.0
13Bryon Doyle20992100W69 1.0
14Yuan Wang20332034W70 1.0
15Ashik Uzzaman20152016W71 1.0
16David Askin20072008W72 1.0
17Hovik Manvelyan20052006W73 1.0
18Steven Krasnov20022003W74 1.0
19Michael Gene Anderson19921992X75 1.0
20Michael Askin19641965W76 1.0
21Sos Hakobyan19531954W77 1.0
22Callaghan McCarty-Snead19201921W78 1.0
23Tom Maser19141915W79 1.0
24Gene Gerwin19061907W80 1.0
25Chinguun Bayaraa18681869W81 1.0
26Zolboo Lkhagvasuren18541855W82 1.0
27Renjish Abraham18401841W83 1.0
28Willie Campers17491750W84 1.0
29Richard Newey17471748W85 1.0
30Peter Sherwood17221723W86 1.0
31Jossy Chalissery17191720W87 1.0
32James Paquette12721316W56 1.0
33Russell Wong22002200H--- 0.5
34Peter Grey20142006D49 0.5
35Eric Steger19891989H--- 0.5
36Ozgur Sahin19691969H--- 0.5
37Robert Drane18691869H--- 0.5
38Igor Royzen18571847D51 0.5
39Walter Lesquillier18471847H--- 0.5
40James Matz17851785H--- 0.5
41Enkhmaa Nyangar17691757D52 0.5
42Perry Rosenstein17671755D53 0.5
43Scott Poling17281728H--- 0.5
44Richard Hack16641664H--- 0.5
45Erasmo Vazquez16191619H--- 0.5
46Robert Reyes16071607H--- 0.5
47Togtokh Oyuntseren15611561H--- 0.5
48Charles James15421542H--- 0.5
49Daniel McKellar14961513D34 0.5
50Tom Allen14401440H--- 0.5
51Asher Eastham13391359D38 0.5
52Shree Ayinala11801204D41 0.5
53Seth Borgo11501174D42 0.5
54Keith Henriques267267H--- 0.5
55Joshua Lamsteinunr.750H--- 0.5
56David Flores17931769L32 0.0
57Aung Tun Lin16891688L1 0.0
58Shu Yamamoto16681668F2 0.0
59James Cohee16601659L3 0.0
60Patrick Thomas Donnelly16591658L4 0.0
61Andrew Todd Todd16521651L5 0.0
62Siddarth Chandrasekaran16271626L6 0.0
63Craig Yamamoto16251624L7 0.0
64Nick Casares16001599L8 0.0
65David Rakonitz15681567L9 0.0
66Jerry Morgan15611560L10 0.0
67Isaac Borgo15531552L11 0.0
68Nicholas Brown15201519L12 0.0
69Albert Starr15171516L13 0.0
70David Yaguda Ross15111509L14 0.0
71Jerry Simpkins15001498L15 0.0
72David Eytan14961494L16 0.0
73Guy Robertson14941492L17 0.0
74Enkhjin Gomboluudev14641462L18 0.0
75Michael Nagle14481448F19 0.0
76Linmiao Xu14241422L20 0.0
77Tony Cole14171415L21 0.0
78David Olson14071405L22 0.0
79Michael Hilliard14001398L23 0.0
80Sebastian Poler13911389L24 0.0
81Bryan Hood13521350L25 0.0
82Jared Rhizor13191317L26 0.0
83Robert Frank12861284L27 0.0
84Renate Otterbach10441043L28 0.0
85Bilguun Bayaraa639638L29 0.0
86Pat Aquinounr.750L30 0.0
87Ari Ronenunr.750L31 0.0