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The Mechanics' Institute Chess Club, In an effort to promote chess for youth in the Bay Area, has opened its doors for children of all ages and chess skill.
In recent studies there has been documented proof of an increased improvement in problem-solving skills, notable gains in self esteem, and improved sense of responsibility among children who participate in chess activities.
The Mechanics' Institute, a non-profit organization, encourages parents and children in the participation of local events in the Bay Area.

From August 2001 to August 2002 the Mechanics' Institute held Wednesday Afternoon Chess Class for inner-city youngsters made possible by donations from the local business community. The program, taught by well-known teacher Anthony Corrales, was open to all children from elementary school to high school.

The tradition continued in 2004 with the Thursday Afternoon Class held every week from 3:15 pm to 5:15 pm.

In 2005 this was transformed into an outreach program.

This is a picture of the presentation ceremony held at the club on June 17th, 2001.

Every Saturday at the Institute we have a short lecture, followed by a training position based on the lecture. We do regularly see players of all strengths participate in the class, from absolute beginners to juniors in the top 100 in the country in their age group. Some of our "graduates" have become rated masters!
Unrated and beginner players are definitely welcome; we are always excited to see new faces along with our regulars. There is always competition for you, no matter your strength.
The lecture starts at 10:30am, with friendly play following the training position.
Saturday Chess Entry Form

Alert: In 2008 we are hosting monthly scholastic quads based on ratings.
Attend a new Scholastic Championship on July 12th!

For further information email the chessroom or call (415) 393-0110.

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